Tour from Fes to Marrakech 4 days

B MOROCCO TOURS or “Basso Morocco Tours” is the best travel agency to discover the real Moroccan beauty and immerse yourself into its cultures. Being one of the most important countries in the world, Morocco is rich in culture, history, traditions, gastronomy and millions of stories to be told.

Our Morocco Travel agency would also take you to the fascinating Middle Atlas towns and Berber villages to admire the beauty of the nature and explore a different authentic side of Morocco. Our exceptional Desert Tours would help you experience the astonishing contrasts of the country, the richness of its history, the warmth of its sun and people, guiding you to the hearts of the Medinas and the deep spot of the Sahara Desert.

Join B Morocco Tours and discover the treasures of Morocco with the most trusted Team and luxurious conditions.

B Marocco Tours

The name Basso came from an old Sahara Nomad who came from Algeria to the Moroccan Sahara with his little family seeking a new place to settle in. Basso spent most of his life enjoying the spectacular Sahara lifestyle travelling from village to village and from golden dunes to others taking the camels as his own transportation and spending the nights in traditional Nomadic tents, gathering around the campfire and enjoying the sweet calm of the endless Sahara.

Today, Basso’s son decided to share their life vision, traditions, and impressive way of life with visitors from all over the world, and tell them the most interesting Sahara stories and incredible mysteries, as you get rid of daily life stress and lose yourself in the exotic warm desert, falling under the spell of the vast, luminious and silent country.

B Morocco Tours would help you discover the real essence of Morocco taking you to the heart of the Sahara where there is nothing but undulating sands, majestic dunes, starry sky, the moon and the silence. We would share with you our values and traditions, and introduce you to the old Kasbahs and surviving mud villages.